General Questions

    TOFRE Heat Herbal Stick is a brand new herbal concept product, which we create for the (Heat-not-burn concept) smokers. Compared with HNB tobacco sticks, TOFRE Heat Herbal Stick innovates the healthy herbal formula fuse the tobacco level flavoring technology make it became perfect for smoking also will even get a better taste than Heat tobacco sticks....shush! This is the magic of the TOFRE brand.

  • 2.What Is TOFRE Heat Herbal Sticks technology?

    The structure of TOFRE herbal stick is derived from our most natural honeycomb principle By fusing the method of “structure” ,“microwave”, “microbiology”, “food chemical”, “low-temperature puffing” and other pioneering technologies.
    The core advantage of our structure is that we minimize the risk of causing unnecessary chemical reactions in raw materials, enabling TOFRE to retain the original flavor of our herbal formula to the maximum extent.
    TOFRE’S naturally-formed, loose&uniform ultra-microporous honeycomb structure allows the heating to be more balanced and will not drop any slag to the device. In addition, TOFRE’s structure tech also can improve the transmission efficiency by heating, which bring HNB smokers a smoother smoking experience

  • 3.Do TOFRE Heat Herbal Sticks contain tobacco leaves?

    TOFRE Heat Herbal Stick contains no tobacco ingredients. The real feeling of smoking is based on the formula of 100% herbal ingredients, as well as the tobacco flavoring technology adopted by our 9 top Flavorists, plus pure natural nicotine to restore the feeling of smoking to the greatest extent.

  • 4.Do TOFRE Heat Herbal Sticks contain Nicotine?

    Nicotine is the most dependent substance among all smokers, TOFRE is the same, we will not compromise on nicotine. Therefore, we provide a smoking product with high satisfaction, excellent taste and lower risk than tobacco. Compared with traditional cigarettes, we have reduced the risk by 95% excellently.

  • 5.What are the ingredients of TOFRE Herbal Sticks?

    The ingredients of TOFRE Herbal Sticks are all based on natural and safe sources, ingredients as below: Natural plants, VG, Natural spices, N salt.

  • 6.Which HNB Heat Device can be apply to TOFRE Heat Herbal Sticks?

    TOFRE Herbal stick's special ultra-microcellular Herbal Technology allows us to adapt to all mainstream HNB Heat devices on the market. We also have our own TOFRE TO3.0 Device for Matching . (Invention patent)

  • 7.What flavors TOFRE has

    TOFRE currently has Selections Of Classic& Selections Of Deluxe(with blast)
    2 flavors from Selections of classic: Virginia-Classic,Blended Classic
    4 flavors from Selections of deluxe(with blast): Iced-Melon, Iced-Menthol, Blueberry, Oolong Tea.

  • 8.Hong long can a TOFRE stick smoke?

    1 TOFRE stick can be continuously smoked for 15-20puffs