SiChuan TOFRE background | best heated tobacco

     TOFRE is the e-cigarette brand of Sichuan Jinzhoutuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and the TOFRE laboratory has created TOFRE heating solid-state e-cigarettes for HNB (heat-Not-Burn) concept consumers.


     The brand has subsidiary products such as TOFRE herbal cigarette filters for lit cigarettes. TOFRE expansion is


     It is "TOBACCOFREE", which means that all the products under the brand are developed on the basis of zero tobacco, and it can also be simplified


     It is simply read as TOFREE, which means that we hope to create another possibility of freedom based on zero tobacco ingredients,


     Another new definition of freedom to pursue.


     TOFRE always adheres to the core concept of "INNOVATE FORSMOKING BETTER", puts consumers' experience and harm reduction health attributes in the same important position, and hopes to bring another lifestyle to smokers, targeting consumers with different smoking methods Launched multiple series of products with "lower risk" and "higher experience". Overseas products have successfully entered the EU, Middle East, and Southeast Asian markets, and have been highly recognized by local consumers for product attributes and experience. The domestic market currently has more than 1,300 cooperative monopoly stores (regions include Sichuan, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Henan, Guangdong, Shandong, Yunnan, Hunan, Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.).


     TOFRE attaches great importance to product quality, takes the quality of raw materials as the core standard, and cooperates with domestic high-quality grassland material bases to build a stable and safe raw material system. Through strict supply chain screening mechanisms, it ensures that product standards can meet quality inspection standards, and TOFRE will also be in Before the product is released, it will go through strict internal testing and polishing to fully guarantee the user experience and achieve the purpose of reducing harm. TOFRE series products have already passed the certification of FDA, CNAS, TCT and other authoritative testing institutions.