TOFRE TO3.0 Heat-not-burn device + full-flavor pod evaluation

Today I will bring you a heat-not-burn brand. The full name of the brand is TOFRE. When I first saw this name, I pronounced it as "TOFRE". Later, I checked the information and found that it can also be tobacco free. Abbreviation, also means research and development based on 0 tobacco ingredients. The Chinese name of TOFRE is Furui, and its slogan is another possibility of creating freedom.

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The full name of the company is Sichuan Jinzhoutuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. You can check some information about the company on the Internet, and I won’t give you too much description here. TOFRE is the only company in Sichuan that produces heat-not-burn concept products. As early as 2016, it began to research and develop the application of herbal substrates in the field of HNB products. In fact, their overseas expansion is faster than domestic expansion, because Everyone also knows that IQOS is more popular abroad than in China. Because of domestic policies, any tobacco products containing tobacco ingredients are regulated by the Tobacco Monopoly Law.


Next, I will give you a close-up view of the box and introduce TOFRE. First of all, their equipment, TOFRE to 3.0, can be seen from the packaging. It takes about 5 minutes for one piece, and one piece has about 14-15 ports. The charging time is usually less than 60 minutes, and it can be fully charged in about 40 minutes. The heating temperature is between 350-360 degrees. Even lighter.


TOFRE TO3.0 is jointly developed and built by TOFRE and Smoore's McQuay. TOFRE's ultra-microporous honeycomb structure is homologous to Smoore's ceramic microporous atomizing core technology. It has independent patented property rights and is perfectly matched with TOFRE heating branches. It can also be matched with other heated cigarette products on the market.

Let's take a closer look at the appearance of this machine. After taking it out, it feels very good in the hand. It is very skin-friendly and delicate. The entire surface can be seen to have a very fine texture. It has a fine matte touch, and it is a bit like silicone. feeling. Look at its structure and details, the upper cover can be removed, and the space formed is the air duct required by the equipment, so this part is called the air duct, which can be disassembled, and the air duct can be pulled out You can see the heating plate inside, and it is very easy to clean the heating plate inside after it is disassembled. The sheet heater will be more uniform.


When we insert the pod into the heater, it is not allowed to rotate, otherwise the heater will be damaged, so don't be too violent when using it. After the heating is completed, you can use the alcohol swab or small brush attached to the device for a simple cleaning.


The warm-up time of the device is about 10 seconds. Press 5 times in a row to vibrate, and press and hold for 2 seconds to start/stop heating. The interactive form of this heating button is more comfortable to press. There will be a vibration after pressing 5 times. Now if we want to preheat the machine, we need to press and hold for 2 seconds, and there will be a vibration prompt. At this time, you can see the white light flashing. When the white light flashes for 10 seconds After about an hour, the preheating is complete. At this time, you can take a puff; if you want to stop halfway through the puff, you can just press and hold it. Therefore, this type of device is more convenient than traditional cigarettes, that is, you can use it as you want, and stop it as you want, especially when you enter the elevator, you can turn off the device very conveniently.


Regarding pods, there are a total of 6 flavors, among which Virginia One and Mixed Classic belong to the classic original fragrance series, and the rest of the Glacier Mint, Iced Honeydew Melon, Cold Brew Oolong and Blueberry Melon are colorful luxury series, with Explosive beads. You should also be curious about what kind of difference there is, so I will take it apart for you to have a look.

The first is the classic original fragrance series without encapsulation. The inside composition is relatively simple. The top is a filter tip, the middle is hollow, and the bottom is a ground herbal base.


Now let's take a look at the fruity popping beads. After opening, we can see that there is a paper column in the middle of the fruity flavor that is similar to oil-absorbing paper, and then there is a popping bead on the top, and the herbal base material below. Everyone remember to squeeze the popping beads before use.


After the whole egg is used, the amount of smoke is relatively large, the fragrance is relatively complete, and the taste is relatively pure, because the type of heat-not-burn like ours is mainly to experience that it is more like real smoke feeling, and at the same time achieve a harm reduction effect. For consumers, it is actually more acceptable to replace cigarettes with this heat-not-burn type.

Everyone should remember that when using fruit flavored popping beads, it is one more step to squeeze the popping beads. The position of the popping beads is about the upper third of the cigarette, and the sound of pinching the popping beads is also very cool. , very decompressed, and then insert the pod into the device.

Blending classics brings the characteristics of typical blended cigarettes. The strong burnt aroma of Burley tobacco is mixed with the characteristics of bean aroma and milk sweetness in an appropriate proportion, which makes the taste in the smoke richer. It well presents the compound aroma brought by the mixture of various tobacco leaves.

Although the name of Virginia One is very professional and foreign, in fact, Virginia tobacco leaves are also the main raw material of our Chinese-style flue-cured tobacco. Naturally, this one inherits the aroma performance of Chinese-style flue-cured tobacco. The rich smoke presents the mellow aroma of roasted tobacco leaves. After exhaling, the mouth is slightly sweet, vividly restoring the texture of Virginia tobacco leaves.

Colorful luxury enjoys a simpler and more efficient method of flavoring, adding a popping bead to the upper part of the filter, and pinching it hard when inhaling, adding a corresponding fragrance to the base of the mixed tobacco. properties. Here, the glacier mint is the first to bear the brunt. It uses the ultimate ice feeling to simulate the feeling of Marlboro black ice double explosion. Clear, cold air is piped to the end of the suction.

Although the icy feeling is a proper bonus item for mint, but for the performance of those strong aromas, it will inevitably reduce the true color, so the iced honeydew melon and cold brewed oolong will reduce the coolness by a bit. Throw, to better set off the taste inside the popcorn, the performance of these two models can be said to be completely different tastes, using roughly the same technique, the honeydew melon highlights the sweetness of the flesh, and the oolong highlights the tea aroma Sweet and fresh, coupled with a comfortable icy embellishment, adds 7 points of refreshing to the rich expression.

The last blueberry alcohol, the reason why I want to take it out and talk about it separately is because my friends may have the same first impression of this taste as me: this is a classic blueberry popping bead, tobacco flavor. However, when I took the first sip, I found that it was not as I imagined. After several consecutive puffs, I subconsciously took a deep breath to feel its icy feeling. That's right, it is indeed a non-cool taste, which makes me pay more attention to the aroma performance. With an aroma that highlights the texture of the pulp, it brings the visual sense of blueberry bursting juice into your mind. The richness is so high that you can't even tell which one is the main note, blueberry or tobacco. At the same time, the persistence of the popcorn aroma is also very sufficient, until the end of the puff, the blueberry aroma is still more obvious. For the high degree of fusion of these two aromas, what it brings you is actually more like the feeling of e-liquid atomization products.