The Light of Sichuan—TOFRE TO 3.0 HNB Heating Not Burn Evaluation

In this issue, I will introduce TOFRE heat-not-burn products, that is, HNB. This time, there are six flavors in total, namely Glacier Mint, Iced Honeydew Melon, Mixed Classic, Blueberry Melon, Virginia One and Cold Brew Oolong.


First of all, I would like to introduce this brand to you. TOFRE Furui is the only company from Sichuan with the concept of heat not burn. Since 2016, it has been researching and developing the application of this herbal HNB product field, and combined with domestic high-quality raw material bases to develop high-quality herbal medicine. At the same time, it is also the earliest heat-not-burn concept product in China. It has been registered in the European Union and passed the TPD certification. The domestic version is also built in accordance with the European Union system.


Sichuan is a good place. As the saying goes, there is Jiaozi in tobacco and Wuliangye in wine. Now let's introduce the TOFRE machine. This machine is called TOFRE to 3.0. It is jointly built by Melville, a subsidiary of Smol. The atomizing cores are all made by McQuay. TOFRE’s ultra-microporous honeycomb structure and Smol’s ceramic microporous atomizing core technology belong to the same source. The heating sheet with independent patent property rights is compatible with all heating herbal products on the market. . Through the packaging, we can see that it is very simple and elegant. When you open it, you will find the world cover, then the machine, the instruction manual below, and some cleaning tools such as cleaning brushes and alcohol swabs.


The overall appearance of the fuselage is also relatively simple and elegant. It is a style that people will like. It feels very light and is easy to carry. It is also very convenient to clean up. Remove the cap and the flue opening next to it to expose the heating inside The sheet can be cleaned. At the same time, its warm-up speed is also very fast, about 20 seconds, the upper left corner is the parameter, you can check it yourself if you need it.


Next, let’s talk about the experience of using the six TOFRE pods. They are divided into two types, namely the classic original fragrance type and the colorful luxury type. The classic original fragrance is Virginia One and Mixed Classic, both of which do not contain popping beads, and the rest of the colorful luxury series contain popping beads.

The blended classic is an obvious expression of the aroma of blended cigarettes after I use it, and the throat hit is relatively strong; Virginia One is a style that is biased towards flue-cured tobacco, and it is very addictive to smoke. For me, one puff is enough, and the throat hits They are also two relatively strong pods. These two models are more suitable for some OG veterans to taste.


Bingxin honeydew melon has a strong aroma of honeydew melon, with some icy feeling. TOFRE pods do not have those miscellaneous smells. Generally, when I use other brands of pods, I will more or less get some sour taste, but Fu Ray did not. This is great, and honeydew melon is one of my favorite flavors. Glacier mint is a bit similar to the flue-cured tobacco we smoked with mint popping beads. It is cold mint with some aroma of flue-cured tobacco. I didn’t expect that there is such a cool thing inside the heat-not-burn. This is all the heat-not-burn I have used. The coolest one in the pod. For cold-brewed oolong, the tea taste is not particularly strong, it is a light tea fragrance, and it is very fresh when smoked, but I don’t like tea very much, this is just my personal opinion, there are still many people who like this taste. The blueberry mellowness is very powerful. The first sip is a particularly strong taste of blueberry chewing gum. At the same time, it is also very cool. This is my favorite flavor in Furui. The taste of this blueberry is very good. , the first bite of blueberry flavor is really, really strong.

In general, the equipment and pods of TOFRE are not unpleasant. The biggest feature of Tofre pods is that the suction resistance is relatively tight, which deeply restores the feeling of cigarettes, and the smoke is relatively full. Although it looks The amount of smoke is not very large, but its taste in your mouth is full, the fragrance is relatively pure, and there is no sour taste like other pods. The machine also has a skin-friendly material, and its shape is very simple and elegant.