Tofre Heating Not Burning, unboxing evaluation, is the ceiling in the low-temperature heating industry good?

Today we are going to introduce a heat-not-burn product, yes the name is TOFRE, and today we are going to test its 6 flavors. The expansion of TOFRE is "TOBACCO FREE", which means that all products are developed on the basis of zero tobacco. It can also be simply read as TO FREE. It is intended to create another possibility of freedom based on zero tobacco ingredients. Another new definition of freedom.

As we all know, the price of domestic pods is not too high. Generally, they contain non-tobacco products, that is, the components of pods are not tobacco leaves. Most of the domestic pods are almost herbal granules in structure, but TOFRE has a very special structure, using ultra-microporous honeycomb technology structure, so that the heat will be more uniform and the fragrance will be complete. For domestic heat-not-burn non-tobacco products, why is it said that it can relieve addiction? In fact, it is because although there are no tobacco products in it, it also contains vegetable glycerin and nicotine salt, but the nicotine salt in the glycerin is steamed out through baking.


Without further ado, let's use the IQOS machine for the next evaluation.

First of all, in terms of taste, TOFRE has a total of 6 flavors, including Virginia One, Mixed Classic, Glacier Mint, Blueberry Melon, Iced Honeydew Melon, and Cold Brew Oolong. All the fruity flavors have popping beads, squeeze the popping beads before pumping, and you will enjoy the ultimate pumping experience.

The first is the cold-brewed oolong flavor. Whether you use IQOS or other machines, the smoke output is very large. It cannot be said that it is much larger than the large-vapor liquid electronic cigarette, but it is larger than the similar heating-not-burning smoke output, and it is cool. It is full, and does not have that burnt taste. It really breaks my traditional perception of solid-state electronic cigarettes/heat-not-burn products. In terms of taste, it is a strong oolong tea flavor, plus a strong cold The taste is very surprising.


Next, let's try the blueberry alcohol. Compared with the cold-brewed oolong, the blueberry alcohol is a bit more conventional. The cold-brewed oolong really makes people experience the feeling of flying. This blueberry alcohol is equivalent to our usual The smoked Marlboro with explosive beads has a pretty good taste, and it is also full of smoke, which is also a pretty good taste.


Next is a iced honeydew melon. It is hard to imagine the taste of this kind of honeydew in heat-not-burn equipment and heat-not-burn bombs. The taste of iced honeydew is really unimaginable, and the coolness is also very good. For those who have not been exposed to similar flavors before, I think this product is also very, very OK, and it is really excellent.


The following evaluation is Virginia One, which belongs to the original flavor. Virginia basically belongs to the category of nut tobacco, not a tobacco category that we are familiar with in a broad sense. To be honest, this Virginia One is the most original. At the beginning The taste of tobacco smoked by IQOS is a classic and more classic taste of Virginia tobacco.


The next thing is the mixed classic evaluation, it has a feeling of that Xiaosu smoke, not very obvious foreign characteristics, because many people are not used to smoking foreign cigarettes, but this mixed classic is more acceptable, and it also brings There is a very conventional taste of roasted dates, the kind of dates that dry nuts, and the smell of tobacco is relatively strong, within my personal acceptance range, it is more suitable for old smokers, I think it is not bad.


Finally, let’s evaluate the Glacier Mint. The coolness of this Glacier Mint is not inferior to the mint flavor of liquid electronic cigarettes. To be honest, it really cools me down. It really makes me feel very surprised. It’s hard to imagine. This is the coolness produced by the heat-not-burn product. It really is a batch, which is absolutely wonderful! It is strongly recommended that everyone try this glacier mint, it is really powerful.