Are you still smoking IQOS? TOFRE Furui, heat not burn, six explosive flavors of HNB series, the peak product from Sichuan and Chongqing

Light of Sichuan and Chongqing TOFRE TOFRE Innovative ultra-microporous honeycomb technology is more mellow, acid-free and paper-flavored HNB heats not to burn

Just by looking at the name of TOFRE, it is difficult for you to guess where this brand comes from. In the past, most of the electronic cigarette products in our impression came from Shenzhen, but TOFRE comes from Sichuan, and it is the only heat-not-burn brand in Sichuan and Chongqing. It can be said to be "the light of Sichuan and Chongqing". In fact, having said that, it’s not surprising that they come from Sichuan, because Sichuan’s tobacco and alcohol are particularly famous, including Jiaozi for tobacco and Wuliangye for wine, so it is very exciting to say that Sichuan brands do heat-not-burn products.

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TOFRE's English meaning is tobacco free, and the translation is to create another possibility of freedom based on the content of tobacco. The brand concept has always been to insist on higher experience and lower risk. As early as 2016, it began to lay out research on the application of herbs in the field of HNB heat-not-burn, and achieved very remarkable results. It is also the earliest heat-not-burn concept product in China to go abroad, and has obtained the European TPD certification. China also adopts the standards of the EU system, so all aspects of quality and safety are relatively guaranteed. The most important thing is that the price is also very beautiful. The official guide price in China is only 238 yuan. Hit about 40% off. So it is really the light of domestic production. I hope that with the support of the old railways in Sichuan and Chongqing, more people will know that this is a brand from Sichuan. Next, we will review this product in detail.


This HNB low-temperature herbal medicine is different from IQOS in that it does not contain tobacco ingredients, which means that it will reduce more harm. Its ingredients are composed of natural plant herbs, natural plant flavors, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine salt. The herbal flavors in the pod are baked by a heater at low temperature, so as to obtain the aroma, taste and throat hit similar to real smoke, but different Traditional cigarettes do not burn without reaching the ignition point, so they do not produce thousands of harmful chemicals. Therefore, this low-temperature herbal medicine is currently the closest to real smoke, and it is also the most harm-reducing product. It is a very ideal product.

The layout of the traditional atomizing rod is spices, cooling area and cotton head fixed explosive beads. TOFRE is the direct spice area, paper tube, and cotton head fixed explosive beads. It does not have a cooling area, because TOFRE adopts ultra-micro holes The honeycomb technology structure is the same as Smoore's ceramic honeycomb technology, which has higher heat conduction efficiency. Whether it is a columnar or a sheet-shaped heating rod, it is almost pervasive under the ultra-microporous honeycomb technology structure. In every corner, unlike some atomizing rods, the atomization in the middle is relatively sufficient, and even local overheating will occur, which will lead to paper burnt or sour smell in the second half of the puff, and the taste is weak More obvious. Then TOFRE’s heating rod will not cause this situation. It can be seen that every corner of it is fully atomized, and its heat conduction efficiency is particularly high, so if the entire atomizing rod is pulled out, the taste will not be obtained. Attenuation and sour paper taste, in this regard, his structural technology innovation is particularly advantageous. Therefore, structurally speaking, reducing the cooling area can also reduce costs. We can regard this kind of honeycomb structure as a whole, just like a honeycomb, but it is super microporous, so it does not need sealing paper to seal the bottom like other brands, and it is not easy to scratch it with external force. There will be dross falling down, so the cost is further reduced.


In terms of experience, sometimes the granular atomizing rod is pulled out from the heater after use, and black particles will fall off, which is a bit annoying, but TOFRE, because of the intricate structure of the honeycomb technology, is sticky inside. Together, so it will not happen when you pull it out of the heater, so this point must be praised.

The TOFRE to 3.0 heater is also relatively innovative. After opening the cover, you will find that the airway tube is quite thoughtful and can be pulled out further, so that it is easy to clean the heating sheet and the trace amount of glycerin condensate around it. The package is very considerate and comes with some small tools for cleaning the heater. The heating element is a patented product of TOFRE itself, and it can also be used with other similar products on the market.

Today I will review 2 series of 6 products. The two light-colored packages are the classic original fragrance series, which does not contain popping beads. The flavors are Virginia One and Mixed Classic, which are biased towards tobacco flavors.

The four darker ones belong to the colorful luxury series. It has popping beads. You can hear the sound of popping beads when you shake it. The flavors are blueberry alcohol, iced honeydew melon, glacier mint and cold bubble oolong. .


According to the above picture, you can see the appearance of the whole pack of pods, 2% nicotine content, non-tobacco products, and minors are prohibited from using it. There are a total of 200 pods in one pack. After opening, there are 10 boxes inside, one box Inside are 20 sticks.

Virginia One: The smoke output feels a little bigger than the real one, the aroma is complete, the smoke is full, and it can instantly make you feel the familiar taste of flue-cured tobacco. I believe most smokers will be easier to accept and adapt to this products. There is no miscellaneous smell in the whole process, and there is no sour smell of paper. The experience is very good. Even if you smoke some veterans who are not used to HNB before, you will have a different feeling on this device. Well worth a try.

Mixed Classic: The taste is similar to that of Zhongnanhai and Marlboro Soft White. The fragrance is more elegant, and it feels a little musky when you taste it carefully. The taste is softer and smoother. The aftertaste is very clean, without miscellaneous smells, suitable for old irons with a relatively light smoking craving. The above two flavors are quite good, without any spicy and stimulating feeling, and the whole is relatively soft and delicate.

Cold-brewed oolong: there are explosive beads, remember to bite the explosive beads before use, with the aroma of the explosive beads, the whole pod will feel more fresh, and it has a cool mint taste. It will also be more smooth in the throat, and it feels a bit like smoking tea. Not only are you tasting cigarettes, but you are also tasting tea. Ah, this mixed taste is quite interesting. The taste is relatively mellow and mellow. Those who like tea can consider it .

Glacier mint: I didn’t expect this glacier mint to be so easy to smoke. The taste of mint is a bit bitter, but it is more of a cool feeling. Those who like to smoke cold smoke should not miss it.

Bingxin honeydew: after biting the pearls, there will be a flavor of cantaloupe, and the layers will be richer. You can feel the sweetness of cantaloupe in the top note, and the tail note is the smell of tobacco. The layering is quite rich. If you don’t want to For a particularly obvious smoke flavor, with this cantaloupe fragrance, it will make you smoke more refreshingly, and with a bit of mint coolness, it will also be smoother to smoke. Pretty good.

Blueberry alcohol enjoyment: This taste can be said to be the finale taste. The classic blueberry popcorn in the popcorn tobacco, you can feel the strong aroma of blueberry jam in the mouth, combined with the traces of tobacco and mint, it is simply natural There is a kind of smudge effect, which can be said to be more acceptable to both male and female smokers. Don’t miss it if you like it.