Which is better, solid-state electronic cigarettes or liquid electronic cigarettes?

The difference between solid-state electronic cigarettes and liquid electronic cigarettes is that liquid electronic cigarettes convert liquids into aerosols through atomization, while solid-state electronic cigarettes convert liquids into aerosols through electronic atomization.

Solid electronic cigarettes and liquid electronic cigarettes

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The working principle of solid-state electronic cigarettes is to use electronic atomization technology to convert liquid electronic cigarette liquid into aerosol, and then spray the aerosol into the air through atomization, so as to achieve the effect of smoking. This new type of electronic cigarette product is very popular in European and American countries, and has become a trend.

Are e-cigarettes really safe? Today we will talk about this topic. First of all, we have to make it clear that e-cigarettes are not a healthy substitute, it is just a tobacco product, and it is a very harmful tobacco product. Therefore, we must be cautious about the use of electronic cigarettes.

If we use e-cigarettes for a long time, it is easy to cause lung cancer. Because e-cigarettes contain nicotine, this substance can irritate our respiratory tract, which can cause lung cancer. Therefore, for our health, we must not smoke. If you really can't quit, try to stay away from this kind of thing.

Solid electronic cigarettes and liquid electronic cigarettes

The technology of e-cigarette products has been constantly evolving and updating around how to make the taste more like real cigarettes, the most important and core requirement. So, which is the best e-cigarette brand at present, let me recommend a different brand-TOFRE Furui e-cigarette.

TOFRE is the e-cigarette brand of Sichuan Jinzhoutuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and the TOFRE laboratory has created TOFRE heating solid-state e-cigarettes for HNB (heat-Not-Burn) concept consumers. TOFRE Herbal Cigarette Filters and other ancillary products.

The reason why I recommend TOFRE e-cigarettes is mainly because it has the following advantages.

TOFRE series products do not contain any tobacco products in pods. They mainly use natural herbs such as tea and mint as raw materials. Using the heat-not-burn feature, they are heated at low temperature to fully release the unique aroma of herbs and the added auxiliary spices. It will produce smoke tar and soot, which can not only give a perfect experience, but also reduce the harmful components in the smoke to the greatest extent.

TOFRE is different from the granular HNB and herbal (non-smoke) sheet HNB processes commonly used in low-temperature tobacco products on the market. The whole series adopts an independent ultra-microporous honeycomb technology structure, without the need to set a cooling section. The ultra-microporous honeycomb technology structure makes the base material in After heating, the aroma is released directly through the honeycomb structure, the smoke and aroma perfectly present the taste and experience of traditional cigarettes, and the unique baking and shaping process can ensure that after the pod is inserted into the heating sheet and heated, there will be no smoke on the device. If there is any soot residue, it considers health, environmental protection and safety to the greatest extent, realizes a high-quality smoking experience, fully meets the quality needs of consumers, and is friendly to itself and the surrounding environment.

The TOFRE product team has optimized the structure and carried out a double leak-proof design, which has improved the paper sour smell of heat-not-burn pods to the greatest extent.

In addition, TOFRE e-cigarettes attach great importance to fashion and technology, comfort and convenience in terms of product appearance design and experience. In terms of appearance design, TOFRE e-cigarette adopts ergonomic design, and the four sides of the product are designed with curved surfaces, and the grip is full.

The TOFRE product team said that future product design will be more technological and comfortable. At this stage, the product technology has basically matured, and future iterative new products are more inclined to upgrade functions to improve product intelligence and convenience. Of course, no matter what kind of high technology is adopted and what kind of function upgrade is carried out, TOFRE Furui Technology will always focus on the concept of "TOBACCO FREE" to bring high-quality products to consumers.