Introduction to the taste of TOFRE pods; HNB heat-not-burn products: using tea and other herbs as raw materials

TOFRE is designed with ultra-microporous honeycomb technology, with a nicotine content of 2%, and built-in natural fruity popping beads. The taste of cigarettes is rich, and it is a very popular domestic pod.


Since its inception, TOFRE has made it its mission to improve the lifestyle of adult smokers in my country. "Harm reduction" while having a "real smoke" experience is the main appeal of users, and it is also the key to Furui's focus.

Using tea and other herbal plants as raw materials, it has a process flow and a complete set of production equipment with independent intellectual property rights, completely avoiding the technology patent pool of Philip Morris International (PMI).

After thousands of experiments and explorations, the TOFRE team has solved the problem of burning paper and weird smell caused by the thin sheet technology of traditional mainstream pods, and perfectly restored the real smoke of cigarettes. It is a cigarette substitute revolutionary product.


TOFRE Furui not only pays attention to the taste requirements of users, but also pursues the guarantee of product safety. Furui's raw and auxiliary materials, base materials and packaging materials have reached the food contact standard of the US FDA. The processing process is sterilized by microwave, baking and ultraviolet light to ensure that the product is safe and harmless. At the same time, with the use of low-temperature heat-not-burn, it avoids the generation of harmful components such as formaldehyde and crotonaldehyde during use.

TOFRE is a revolutionary healthy tobacco replacement product (no nicotine, no heavy metals, no formaldehyde, no tar), it does not contain any tobacco while bringing you the best heat-not-burn smoking experience. The main raw material of TOFRE is tea, which is picked from an exclusive tea base and extracted using the original technology of molecular extraction and re-concentration.

TOFRE pod is currently the domestic pod with the most flavors. There are 6 flavors on the market, and the latest series TOFRE& U SPECIAL is also on the market.

TOFRE Mint Popping Bead Pod

Refreshing and refreshing, take a sip.


The moment the smoke passed through the throat, it was like a refreshing sea breeze blowing towards the face.

TOFRE Cantaloupe Bead Pod


No artificial flavor added, natural cantaloupe aroma.

Just the right coolness, full of vitality for summer.

TOFRE Furui Blueberry Bead Pop Pod


Fresh blueberry fruit bursts in every puff.

TOFRE Oolong pod


full of tea

hit the deepest part of the throat

TOFRE Virginia One pod


American cigarette taste

hit the deepest part of the throat

TOFRE Hybrid Classic Pod


rich aroma

Rich mixed style smoke rhyme

TOFRE Black Gold Light Mint Popping Pods



smooth and subtle flavor

Pleasantly woody and lightly nutty, defining a beautifully balanced tobacco flavor

TOFRE Black Gold Thick Mint Popping Beads Pod

with a refreshing and subtle flavor

Gives a thoroughly stimulating and refined tobacco experience

Product qualification certification

TOFRE has successfully passed the certification, and the ingredients used are safe, reliable and harmless. Each TOFRE Unocal is full of natural flavor and scientific spirit!