Heat-not-burn TOFRE Furui (TOFRE Furui heat-not-burn tobacco rod)

This technology can keep the e-liquid from burning during the heating process without producing any harmful substances. According to reports, many companies have begun to develop related technologies and have entered the clinical stage. However, since the technology is not yet widely used, its safety remains questionable.

In addition, there is a fatal flaw in electronic cigarettes, that is, its oil contains nicotine, and long-term smoking will cause harm to the human body. Therefore, the electronic cigarette industry is still in the early stage of development, and the future development prospect is still very broad.

However, it is worth noting that the safety of e-cigarette products has been criticized. Therefore, consumers should consider carefully when choosing e-cigarette products. In addition, due to the continuous strengthening of national supervision on e-cigarettes, few e-cigarette brands have withdrawn from the market. When choosing e-cigarettes, consumers should try to choose regular channels to buy them to avoid being deceived. At the same time, consumers should also pay attention to protecting their personal information, and never trust online marketing to avoid property losses.

Heat-not-burn TOFRE e-cigarette

In 2022, the black horse "TOFRE" in the heat-not-burn industry is a masterpiece of Sichuan China Tobacco's super flavoring expert

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IQOS has been popular abroad for many years, but due to various reasons, it has not been able to enter the country. In this case, the low-temperature herbal products under the HNB heat-not-burn concept follow the trend. The principle is the same as IQOS, except that the raw materials are replaced with various herbal medicines, such as tea, lilies and the like. With the rapid development of the market, heat-not-burn technology has become more and more mature, and domestic low-temperature herbal brands have emerged in an endless stream. Under such circumstances, the new brand "TOFRE" has resolutely joined the competition among a hundred schools of thought and has received a lot of attention from the outside world.

The Chinese name of TOFRE is "Furui", which is generally called "TOFRE Furui". It is produced by Sichuan Jinzhoutuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and will be launched in October 2021 for the domestic market. TOFRE launched 6 flavors for the first time, respectively Is: Virginia No. 1, Mixed Classic, Bingxin Melon, Blueberry Melon, Cold-brewed Oolong, Glacier Mint. Among them, Virginia No. 1 and Cold-brewed Oolong appear for the first time in low-temperature herbal flavors. "TOFRE Furui" The production process adopts an independent ultra-microporous honeycomb technology structure, non-granular and non-sliced, similar to compressed velvet. The advantage of this process is that there is no need to set a cooling section, and the smoke and aroma can more perfectly restore the taste of traditional cigarettes and experience.

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As a dark horse in heat-not-burn, TOFRE regards the quality of raw materials as the core standard, unites with domestic high-quality grassland material bases, builds a stable and safe raw material system, and passes a strict supply chain screening mechanism. With the independent product technology path as the standard, the cigarettes are formed once, after baking, microwave sterilization, food-grade drying procedures, and multiple comprehensive quality inspections to ensure that the products can meet multiple factory requirements. The full range of TOFRE products are built in accordance with the EU standard system, and have passed the certification of CNAS, TPD and other authoritative testing institutions. At present, the foreign trade version has been exported to the European market and has been recognized by local consumers.



TOFRE has a total of 10 flavors, namely: Mixed Classic, Virginia One, Blueberry Melon, Iced Melon, Cold Brew Oolong, Glacier Mint, Black Gold Thick Mint, Black Gold Light Mint, Black Gold Melon and Black Gold Grape.

Tell me about the details of each flavor.

The mixed classic has the flavor of flue-cured tobacco, and the tobacco flavor is very strong. It really does not lose to Marlboro, and is the first choice for old smokers.

Virginia One, this is a unique flavor of TOFRE Furui, it is also the original flavor, slightly lighter than the mixed classic, nutty, but not all nuts, very unique taste.

Blueberry popcorn and cantaloupe popcorn are both fruity. The fruity taste of TOFRE pods is very real, without the abrupt feeling of essence, and the mint that comes with it is moderately cool. It tastes very similar to Marlboro and Seven Star Blueberry cigarettes.

Cold-brewed oolong popcorn, this is also a flavor of TOFRE Furuite, and it is also my favorite flavor. The smell of smoke and oolong tea blend naturally, and the whole mouth is full of tea fragrance after taking a sip, and there is still an aftertaste of oolong tea on the tongue after smoking. With just the right mint coolness, Jane is really good to smoke.

Mint popping beads are the same as the original flavor, the same popular taste, but the mint of TOFRE pods is not popular. In addition to the intense cooling punch, there is also a natural menthol scent. The whole process from inhalation to exhalation is extremely comfortable, without any weird feeling.

Black gold thick mint, the price performance ratio of mint is the highest in the cold category. The taste of all mints is roughly the same. At the entrance of the cigarette holder, you first feel the coolness penetrating into your throat, and then the tobacco sensation. It is not a particularly cool smoke, and it is relatively softer, softer than the previous glacier mint.

Black Gold Light Mint, this is a relatively popular pod. It is indeed very similar to real tobacco. It has a slight hay flavor, similar to orange flavor, and not as strong as amber. Based on the original flavor of tobacco, the fragrance of mint is blended, and the taste is very full. Compared with the original American flavor, it is softer and suitable for novices

Black gold honeydew melon, the fragrance of cantaloupe and the icy feeling of mint blend tacitly. The rich sweetness of honeydew melon and the special aroma of tobacco create a pleasant experience. The throat feeling is weak, and the throat is cool and comfortable, suitable for long-term smoking.

Black Gold Grape, based on mint, in the cool mint taste, crush the popping beads, exuding a strong grape flavor. The smell of smoke is not strong, but soft and fragrant, suitable for girls or people who prefer soft smoke. The whole pod can smell a strong grape flavor when it is unopened, and others will smell it when it is smoked.