How about TOFRE heat not burn? Domestic herbal bombs are as strong

Hi everyone, today we are going to introduce a new heat-not-burn product called: TOFRE Furui.

As we all know, the price of domestic heat-not-burn products is generally not high. Its materials are some herbal plants, such as tea. The TOFRE introduced today is made of tea leaves. Tea pods have grown over the years, and heat-not-burn cigarettes are currently dominated by slices and particle cores. But this TOFRE pod uses a unique technology "ultra-microporous honeycomb technology". This kind of heating is relatively uniform, will not produce miscellaneous smells, and produces more smoke. Next we will verify one by one.


Although TOFRE is made of tea leaves, it contains purified nicotine salt, which can achieve the effect of relieving smoking addiction. It is two different presentation methods from mainstream electronic vaping.

TOFRE has a total of 10 flavors, namely: Mixed Classic, Virginia One, Blueberry Popsicles, Cantaloupe Popsicles, Cold Brew Oolong Popsicles, and Mint Popsicles. There is also the black gold series of TOFRE & U SPECIAL: black gold thick mint, black gold light mint, black gold grape and black gold honeydew melon

In addition to the mixed classic, Virginia and black gold light mint, and black gold thick mint, the other flavors are all fruit flavors with popping pearls. I just tried all the flavors, and I will share my feelings with you.

First of all, the smoke output of TOFRE Furui is indeed very large, full of smoke, not to mention larger than traditional cigarettes, but compared with the heat-not-burn products on the market, the smoke output of TOFRE Furui is much larger.


Second, there is no miscellaneous smell in the whole process. TOFRE Furui has a very pure taste from the first mouthful to the last mouthful, without any messy odors such as burning paper and burnt smell.

Let's talk about the details of each taste.

The mixed classic has the flavor of flue-cured tobacco, and the tobacco flavor is very strong. It really does not lose to Marlboro, other choices of old smokers.

Virginia One, this is a unique flavor of TOFRE Furui, it is also the original flavor, slightly lighter than the mixed classic, nutty, but not all nuts, very unique taste.

Blueberry popcorn and cantaloupe popcorn are both fruity. The fruity taste of TOFRE pods is very real, without the abrupt feeling of essence, and the mint that comes with it is moderately cool. It tastes very similar to Marlboro and Seven Star Blueberry cigarettes.

Cold-brewed oolong popcorn, this is also a flavor of TOFRE Furuite, and it is also my favorite flavor. The smell of smoke and oolong tea blend naturally, and the whole mouth is full of tea fragrance after taking a sip, and there is still an aftertaste of oolong tea on the tongue after smoking. With the right mint coolness, it feels better to smoke.


Mint popping beads are the same as the original flavor, the same popular taste, but the mint of TOFRE pods is not popular. In addition to the intense cooling punch, there is also a natural menthol scent. The whole process from inhalation to exhalation is extremely comfortable, without any weird feeling.

Black gold light mint, it is very gentle when you first taste it, it is still a pure tobacco taste, but when you exhale the smoke, the fragrance suddenly explodes, and the thick tobacco smell suddenly fills the mouth and throat, and the ensuing Throat hit is particularly obvious because of this strong contrast.

Black gold thick mint, smooth in the mouth, full-bodied smoke, with tobacco aftertaste, the taste is very close to flue-cured tobacco. The taste is relatively strong but not dry, especially when taking a big breath, it will not irritate the throat, and it is still relatively smooth.

Black gold grapes, grapes belong to the combination of original mint flavor, and then blended with a touch of grape fruit flavor, the taste is fresh and refreshing, not choking or strong, and the degree of throat hit can relieve the craving for cigarettes.

Black gold honeydew melon, the smell of tobacco mixed with the aroma of honeydew melon, the taste is fresh and easy to smoke.

After talking about the advantages, let's talk about the bad feelings.

TOFRE Furui may be the reason why its core density is relatively large, and then vegetable glycerin is added. Individual cigarettes will have a large draw resistance. There are relatively few IQOS heaters.

To sum up, TOFRE Furui is a domestic heat-not-burn product, and it is a product that can talk about the taste in front of Marlboro. You know, the domestic production in the past only dared to talk about harm reduction.

At the end of the sentence, "TOFRE Furui is still very good, domestically produced!"