TOFRE low-temperature herbs, opening a new era of heat-not-burn

In recent years, with the continuous development of the atomization electronics industry, the products have become more popular and more recognized and recognized. From the technical level of the industry, the current best-selling product categories are divided into electronic atomization liquid products and (HNB) Heat-not-burn atomization products, among which heat-not-burn products are diversified and high-quality, are closer to the taste of traditional cigarettes, and accurately grasp the actual needs of users, thus providing a new experience option.


What is HNB heat not burn

Heating does not burn. From a simple understanding, the working principle is that the atomizing bomb is heated by the device at a low temperature, and the atomization effect is produced at a specific temperature to release the aroma, and it restores the throat hit similar to cigarettes, and the effect of relieving addiction. At the same time, it effectively reduces harmful substances and provides users with a new way to replace cigarettes, and the amount of atomized smoke is small, which is suitable for various places (legal public places).

As far as the current policy is concerned, foreign heat-not-burn (HNB atomizing bombs) are banned from sale in China because they contain tobacco ingredients. Any form of sales is illegal. Using the extraction process of pure natural herbal raw materials, through technical research and development and process improvement, the taste is very close to traditional cigarettes, which has been recognized by many traditional smokers and has a high degree of acceptance.

It is understood that the high-end electronic atomization brand "TOFRE" uses professional background resources in the industry to focus on the tobacco industry. The integration of resources in the electronic atomization industry realizes the closed-loop layout of production, marketing and research products.

Last year, the heat-not-burn product "TOFRE" launched by TOFRE was launched, and the high-quality experience was enthusiastically received. It developed and launched 6 new flavors (HNB) atomizers to increase user choice, and matched with a new generation of TOFRE sheet-shaped heat-not-burn atomizers , to achieve the best fit, and the user feedback experience is excellent.


The outer packaging of the product is simple and elegant, and the shaft can be seen directly from the outside. Although the packaging presents a minimalist style, the printing is very considerate. All product information is clear at a glance, including product structure, etc., which shows the caring of the TOFRE brand for users. Here is a small The editor will not explain too much, it is concise and easy to understand.



TYPE-C charging cable*1

The shaft of the device is in the shape of a cuboid, the shell is made of skin-friendly UV technology, the charging port is a TYPE-C interface, the overall weight is 42 grams, and it is light to carry. The built-in battery has a capacity of 940mAh. After repeated tests, it can be used about 10-15 times when fully charged, and it takes 90 minutes to fully charge.

There is a detachable magnetic cover on the top of the product, which is used to fix the inserted atomizing bomb. When it is disassembled, it can directly physically remove the carbon deposit on the heating plate. Press and hold for 2 seconds to start the machine. The temperature control range is 300-330 °C.


Compared with the outer packaging of the device, TOFRE’s atomizing bombs are much more stylish. There are a total of 6 flavors, two of which are classic original flavors.

The package contains ten boxes of small packages, a total of 200 atomizing bombs, and each small package contains 20 atomizing bombs.

On the side of the package, there are some instructions for the use of the atomizing bomb, and the structure is explained. Those who don’t understand can read it carefully and in detail, which is convenient for understanding.

TOFRE’s printed introduction to the product is quite detailed. Whether it is the outer packaging, including the 10 small individually packaged atomizers inside, there are signs that minors are prohibited from using and purchasing, and actively respond to the call of national policies.

By dismantling the atomizing bomb, you can see some herbal substrates, which are officially called "ultra-microporous honeycomb technology". These substrates generate smoke at a specific temperature by contacting the heating sheet. This is the raw material mentioned earlier. Herbal extracts, no tobacco ingredients.

The atomizing bombs are all made of pure natural wood pulp paper, and the filter tip is made of honeycomb microporous filter material, which makes the layers fuller and more secure to use.


In the power-on state, insert the atomizing bomb into the device, press and hold until the device vibrates, and the breathing indicator light will light up. The waiting time is not long until the breathing light is always on, and it will vibrate again to remind the user that the heating rod is preheated. In use, the editor has tried repeatedly, and each atomizer can take 10-15 puffs, which means that its service life has been completed. After the interaction is completed, the device will vibrate again, which is the end.

After the device is heated, the overall heat is slightly heated. Due to the heating rod principle of the device, it is a normal phenomenon and there is no hot feeling. Users can use it with confidence. It is recommended to use it again after an interval of 10 minutes.

For users who are not very familiar with the interactive buttons of the device, it is recommended to read more manuals and watch our video explanations until each step is memorized.

The flavors of the TOFRE atomizing pods that the editor experienced this time include 6 flavors: Mixed Classic, Virginia One, Bingxin Melon, Glacier Mint, Blueberry Alcohol, and Cold Brew Oolong.

TOFRE The temperature output of TOFRE's equipment heating plate is relatively stable, and basically every inhalation can maintain a high level of reduction.

After use, the heating rod will have a slight carbon deposit, clean it according to the instructions, so that the taste of the atomizing bomb will be restored when it is used next time.

The TOFRE brand is full of innovations, and the emergence of new herbal heat-not-burn products. Judging from the gradual implementation of the reform of HNB products by the country, the new domestic HNB products will be further standardized in the future, and the market share of new heat-not-burn products is expected to further increase. This is not only a reform of the electronic atomization industry, but also people's demands for health. The wave of herbal heat-not-burn products is coming rapidly, and heat-not-burn products play a pivotal role in it.