TOFRE heat not burn series (HNB) product use introduction

Liquid electronic atomization bomb replacement products have penetrated into the streets and alleys. Will solid-state HNB heat-not-burn products be the next consumer trend. In this issue, we will share with you the introduction and equipment parameters of TOFRE (HNB) heat-not-burn series products.

       TOFRE has deeply cultivated technological innovation in the industry and strives to break the bottleneck of homogenization, and has already become a phenomenon-level position in the heat-not-burn industry team. When it comes to domestic HNB heat-not-burn products, TOFRE has to be mentioned. TOFRE is committed to providing a variety of tobacco replacement products for consumers with different needs. It combines rich herbal resources and heat-not-burn technology, and adopts "ultra-microporous honeycomb" technology to lock the aroma of herbal substrates and make cigarettes more comfortable. The gas taste is more mellow, full-bodied and rich in fragrance.

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TOFRE3.0 heat-not-burn device has successively launched 2 classic colors, the black and white classic colors will heal your skin-healing control in minutes. The host control chip adopts "smart chip precise temperature control", real-time high-frequency sampling technology, and the steady-state temperature control accuracy is maintained at ±5°C. Precise temperature control and blessing can ensure long-term stable taste output.

"Technology upgrade, dexterous and more durable", the edges and corners adopt a smooth transition, compared with other mainframe products TOFRE3. Compared with liquid reloading products, TOFRE 3.0 finally regained a bit of aesthetics on the console. TOFRE3.0 usage data; warm-up time 20s, number of suction ports 14 or 5 minutes, battery life 10, battery capacity 940mAh.

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Exception prompt:

Low battery reminder: the yellow LED flashes 10 times;

Abnormal temperature: red LDE flashes 10 times, body vibrates 5 times;

Abnormal pod insertion: red LED

Flashes 10 times and the body vibrates 5 times.

Introduction to TOFRE 3.0:

The TOFRE3.0 pod fits in a fixed-insert mode. Take out the pod and insert it into the heating hole with the heating end facing down. Press and hold the white LED breathing light to start heating. After 10 seconds, the main unit vibrates and warms up successfully before it can be turned on. Because heat-not-burn products are different from liquid refill products, they can clearly restore the taste of herbs. Of course, the way of use requires preheating in the early stage, and the use characteristics of the product need some gentlemanly demeanor.

During normal use, it needs to be forced to stop. Press and hold the ignition button for 2 seconds to turn off the heating. Do not pull out the pod directly unless the heating is turned off.

The TOFRE3.0 snap-on top cover contains the charging port, pod fixing slot (sliding rail type embedded), and ceramic heater. The hidden charging port makes the whole machine have a high degree of integrity. Pull out the upper cover and pod fixing slot to clean and maintain the ceramic heater.

Among the many HNB products, the TOFRE3.0 pod has achieved rapid prototyping, with a more moist taste and more abundant aroma reserves. Adopting a brand-new process of low-temperature hot air circulation drying technology, low-temperature drying below 60°C reduces the loss of substrate quality, non-static drying further retains the aroma of herbal raw materials, non-baking greatly reduces the generation of harmful substances, and is safer. On the contrary, other products are dried at high temperature, the amount of smoke and mist is low, the taste is poor, and the aroma is seriously lost.

The pod uses tea molecules as the main component, and can play a high role in the coolness, throat hit, smoothness, aroma, reduction, and nicotine satisfaction in the smoke. hexagon warrior. The taste of Virginia One and mixed classics is particularly outstanding, just right oolong, strong mint, fragrant and pleasant blueberry, mellow and comfortable honeydew melon, etc., with the right amount of temperature to catalyze this mouthful to enjoy.

TOFRE3.0 and heat-not-burn series products can highly restore the herbal aroma in traditional tobacco in terms of taste, and the non-combustibility effectively reduces the generation of harmful substances such as tar. Problems such as oil and condensate generation, the biggest product highlight is the continuation of the traditional tobacco delivery culture, unlike the hygienic problems that will occur during the delivery of liquid pods, just take out one and gently plug it in and then it will go out. The heat-not-burn pods are made of easily degradable herbal materials, and the issue of environmental protection has also been effectively solved.