The Technology Of TOFRE Heat Herbal Sticks


Innovate for Smoking better

TOFRE Series heat-herbal sticks products based on the concept of Heat-Not-Burn, are an “Epoch-Making” non-tobacco heat sticks can be apply with all mainstream heat device. The structure of TOFRE all come from our invention patent technology platforms. 0 patent infringement risks with heat tobacco sticks.

Compared with tobacco heat sticks, by adopting pure natural herbs and integrating tobacco grading technology, TOFRE can not only provide a perfect smoking experience, but also minimize harmful ingredients in smoke, thus providing an excellent option for the harm reduction requirements of smokers.

TOFRE heat herbal sticks adopts an independent ultra-microcellular technology structure without setting a cooling part. With the help of our advanced technology, the materials can directly and uniformly release fragrance via the honeycomb structure after heating, so as to let smoke and aroma more perfectly present the taste and experience better than other heat sticks.

How a TOFRE heat sticks produced?
  • Standard and Intelligent Production Process

  • Integration of Natural Plants

  • Integration of Natural Plants

  • Fixed Core of Modules

  • Disposable Stick Formation

  • Complete Baking Fragrance

  • Fragrance Locked and Sterilized by Microwave

  • Food-grade Drying Procedure

  • All-round One-by-one Quality Test

At TOFRE, we take quality very seriously. Our entire process of raw material sourcing, production, manufacturing and development all undergoes strict quality testing. To guarantee the standards of our products exceed all regulatory requirements, Whole TOFRE products are tested by the world’s foremost laboratories, and accredited with the appropriate regulatory certifications in all countries that we are available.