Located in Chengdu Hi-tech District, Pilot Free Trade Zone (Sichuan), China, Sichuan King Continental Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the only company manufacturing Heat-Not-Burn products. As early as 2016, the lab started researching and developing the application of herbal base materials to the field of HNB products and applied high-quality herbs by cooperating with domestic bases of high-quality raw materials. It is hoped that low-risk alternative products can be promoted among addictive products. Through many-year efforts, remarkable results have been achieved in the field of smoking alternatives without tobaccos.

Tofre is a Heat-Not-Burn sticks brand owned by Sichuan King Continental Biotechnology Co., Ltd. With regard to the consumer group of HNB concept, TOFRE lab creates Tofre Heat herbal sticks(Matching with all Mainstream devices in the market . IQOS, LiL etc) and designs TOFRE herbal filter tip effectively reducing harm and adapting to traditional spark ignition tobaccos of all categories.

TOFRE under the full name of Tobacco Free, also known as To Free, indicates that all brand products are researched and developed on the basis of no tobacco and means that we want to create another possibility based on no tobacco and pursue another new definition.

TTOFRE always adheres to the core concept of Innovate for Smoking Better and focuses on the experience of customers and health comparably. It is hoped to bring smokers with another lifestyle and promote multiple series of low-risk and high-experience products. Series products of TOFRE brand have passed certifications by CNAS, FDA and other institutions and received high recognition from global consumers for product attributes and experience.