• Brand:TOFRE

  • Product:TOFRE TO3.0 Heat devices

  • Color:Whiteness

  • Pre-Heating Time:10s

  • Number of PUS:15-20puffs/5min

  • Battery E Life:12 sticks

  • Heater Type:Metal Blade

  • Size:94mm*27mm*15mm

  • Weight:42.6g

  • Battery:940MAH

  • Charging Time:40mins

  • Hint:Child lock function, Stay away from child.

Products Information

TOFRE TO3.0 Heat Device has our own Independent R&D of intellectual property rights, It adopts resistance heating method. The heat-treated stainless steel is used as a high temperature resistant metal heating element. Which has great thermal conductivity and fast temperature design. Easy to clean. 12 sticks can be heated continuously after each TOFRE TO3.0 Heat Device is fully charged, pre-heating time is 10 seconds. After heating, combined with TOFRE sticks, you can smoke 15-20 puffs with in 5 minutes. TOFRE heat device can also be used for heating tobacco sticks and herbal sticks of most other brands with different structures on the market. (E.g Heets and Malboro).

White is the origin of everything. As it is said by Darwin: the splendid color in your expectation is always based on the pure white. As for the whiteness customized by us, it is rather cozy, beautiful and charming while not boring and lifeless-in splendour of pearls, such whiteness offers you the beauty of simplicity as brilliant and transparent as possible. You are endowed with the ultimate temptation combined by hardness and softness during smoking when using your finger tips which are white, clean, narrow and soft to hold extremely-light devices in only 42.6g weight with metal paint sense.

Precise Temperature Control
Smart chip, real-time high frequency sampling.
Steady-state Temperature control accuracy within ±3 degrees