TOFRE Heat Herbal Sticks Flavor BLENDED-CLASSIC

  • Brand:TOFRE



  • Ingredients:Natural plants Natural spice, Nicotine,PG&VG,etc

  • Heating Temperature:280℃-320℃

  • Storage method:Store it in a dry and ventilated place, abstaining from moistness

  • Packaging:1Case=50Cartons=500Packs=10000Sticks

  • Stick Parameters:Diameter=7.32mm, Length=45.00mm

  • Puffs:15-20puffs

  • Case Size:41*35*29

  • Weight/Case:10kg

  • Application:Need to use with Heat devices

  • Patent:Owns patent , No Patent infringement risk

  • Hint:Preventing Underage Use :Minimum age as stipulated by local laws

Products Information

Strong ice-cold excitement along with mellow mint fragrance provide the breath of glacier. Strong fragrance outbreak is refresh and immediately motivate vigor.

Sense of Ice 0%
Sense of Throat Attacks 90%
Concentration of Smoke 100%
Amount of Smoke 100%

Based on our unique herbal formulas and without any tobacco ingredient, TOFRE VIRGINIA-CLASSIC taking herbaceous plants as raw materials and containing 2% of natural Nicotine salt restores the real smoking feeling. Elaborately created by 9 TOFRE special-class perfumers, it gives you familiar original tobacco flavors but added with extra surprises. While providing you the highest experience, it is your idea healthy smoking option.

A pack includes 20 sticks, Adapt with all mainstream heat devices in the market.(IQOS,LIL,etc), you wont need to buy a TOFRE devices in particular if you already have one of these.