TOFRE Series heat-herbal sticks products based on the concept of Heat-Not-Burn, are a new type of non tobacco that needs to be used together with heating equipment. And our product structures all come from independent property right technology platforms. Compared with traditional HNB Stick, by adopting pure natural herbs and integrating tobacco grade flavoring technology, TOFRE can not only provide a perfect experience, but also minimize harmful ingredients in smoke, thus providing an excellent option for the harm reduction requirements of users.


What is
Tofre herbal filter?

TOFRE Herbal Filter is an epoch-making Cigarette filter with a unique patented formula and pure herbal capsule structure, resulting from our herbal technology development with the cooperation of lung medical experts.

Different from all traditional filters made of metal or chemical materials in the market, TOFRE Herbal Filter is a genuine&only cigarette filter with pure herbal structure , which adopts capsule structure and all formulas meets the food-grade standards.



The Herbal Master of the world

TOFRE has been committed to innovate green and healthy herbal technology into tobacco harm reduction section from the beginning of our establishment. we creates products by analyze the needs and habits of smokers, and provides smokers with healthier smoking methods and better choices while perfectly meeting the needs of smokers.Just as our slogan wrote “Innovate for smoking better”, this is the reason why we were founded and the our forever strategic pursuit.



    Each TOFRE STICK can be smoke more than 15 puffs, and the special technical structure makes us suitable for all of mainstream heat devices on the market.
  •  TOrfE herbal filter daliy

    TOrfE herbal filter daliy

    TOFRE Herbal Filter can be used for 20 cigarettes continuously, and each filter can be easily put into a cigarette case after being unpacked, which is convenient for carrying and daily use.

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Whether the TOFRE herbal filter for traditional cigarette, or TOFRE heat herbal sticks for HEAT- NOT- BURN smoking. We Create these unique patented technology products all based on our in-depth understanding of all kinds of smokers. TOFRE brings our distributors a series of “unique”—–“ epoch-making”——“new defined”——–innovative smoking better products.

And we are still in continuous innovation. Now, We offer distribution opportunities to 188 countries of the world,on both an exclusive and Non-exclusive basis.

Become TOFRE ’s local partner and enjoy the benefits brought by our advanced herbal technology!

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